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It was also viewed by top officials from the Secretary of Defense's office and the National Guard Bureau. The goal was to convince those officials that the 155th is too important to be cut from National Guard's inventory of combat brigades.

"We have the newest equipment, we just got fielded brand new tanks and brand new (Bradley Fighting Vehicles)," said Col. Jeff Van, commander of the 155th ABCT. "So, sometimes it helps the people who are making the big decisions inside the Beltway and making those national-level strategic decisions to come down and get a first-hand view of what we can do and what our capabilities are," Van said.

The 155th is currently undergoing its two-week annual training at Camp Shelby.

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    Conduct testing, training, research & development of open technologies in support of Active, Reserve and Joint Forces mission objectives.

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    Advanced research and development of Open Source Software technologies, practices and resources supporting national defense and cyber security.

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    Perfecting the science and practice of utilizing road, rail, sea, and air transports to securely get people and equipment where they are needed.

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    Building strategically beneficial relationships that support and educate both the Public and Private Sectors and encourage innovation.

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