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Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center

Command Section

Provide command, administrative, and managerial control over all training site functions through primary staff directorates, special staff sections and tenant organization commanders and supervisors while maintaining close interaction with community and civic leaders and activities. HHD, CSJFTC-Shelby Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment is a customer service organization, which provides services to Soldiers and their families to include: command and control, administrative control, training requirements, food service assistance, unit supply assistance, annual training assistance, and Inactive Duty Training assistance for CSJFTC Soldiers.

Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities (DPCA) The Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities (DPCA) serves as Human Resources Coordinator/Administrator for Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center (CSJFTC). Specific areas of responsibility involve management of personnel systems to include DEERS/RAPIDS. In support of CSJFTC mobilization and demobilization operations, the DPCA is the executive manager for the administrative portion of the Soldier Readiness Process (SRP) and has primary responsibility for Orders, Release from Active Duty (REFRAD) actions, Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI) and various other Personnel Actions as required. The DPCA verifies that mobilizing and demobilization units meet all personnel validation criteria for deployment including verification and validation of Soldiers for REFRAD upon redeployment. The DPCA is the administrator responsible for implementing procedures and systems to provide community support services to Soldiers, Family Members, Civilian Employees, and Retirees.

These services include a Family Assistance Center (FAC), Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLAC), an Education Center, Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), a Veterans Affairs (VA) representative, and a Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Counselor. Resources and information coordinated and available through the assets listed above include financial counseling, exceptional family member, moving, deployment, employment, family matters, emergency relief, and survivor outreach.

DPCA Education Center

During the current mobilization mission, the Camp Shelby Education Center is a fully operational Army Continuing Education System (ACES) site and offers a full range of education programs and services. Academic and vocational counseling services are provided to Soldiers, family and community members on a walk-in or appointment basis. College programs and tuition assistance is provided through GoArmyEd, “The Army’s Virtual Gateway to Education – Anytime, Anywhere.” Soldiers and family members are provided with assistance in making application for all chapters of their GI BILL Benefits. Soldiers serving at Camp Shelby are provided with the full range of Army Personnel Testing (APT) to include Defense Language Proficiency Testing (DLPT), College credit testing is offered through the Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Service (DANTES), Testing services offer Interest Inventory testing for our Soldiers and Family Members to assist in the career decision making process. Soldiers requiring assistance with mathematics and language components have access to online services. Soldiers demobilizing are briefed on education benefits and services. Mobilizing Soldiers are provided the opportunity to establish and education recor through “GoArmyEd” in the event deployed mission requirements allow online college class participation. Deployed Soldiers are provided with a Camp Shelby Education Center POC for assistance with any GoArmyEd issues during deployment.

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS)

The DPTMS is the gatekeeper for all scheduling, ARNGTS-Shelby unit orders processing and tracking to training activities of all units on Camp Shelby. DPTMS provides ranges and training areas to meet the requirements of training Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. DPTMS supports commanders by providing the institutional knowledge necessary to assist unit planners in planning and executing required training. DPTMS also provides Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection support utilizing a combination of a dedicated Provost Marshal’s Office and a Security office to provide 24/7 security and control of forces at Camp Shelby.

Directorate of Logistics (DOL)

The Directorate of Logistics (DOL) is a customer service organization, which provides and coordinates a variety of services to include: ammunition, food service assistance, fuel, general supply assistance, maintenance support, subsistence, transportation, and annual training and IDT planning assistance and support. We stand ready to assist in meeting your logistical needs.

Camp Shelby DOL also supports Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines training at Camp Shelby to deploy overseas, as a primary National Guard and Reserve Mobilization Station. We provide mobilizing units with all installation level logistics support. We provide transportation support for personnel and equipment to deploy overseas, attend schools, as well as, local-in-and-around ground transportation. The Camp Shelby DOL provides and coordinates for the maintenance support of Unit Provided Training Equipment (UPTE) and Pre-deployment Training Package Equipment (PDTE). We also validate the maintenance readiness of deploying equipment. The Supply and Services Division of Camp Shelby DOL is the key provider of all supply activities and primary services required to sustain Soldiers while mobilizing through Camp Shelby.

Directorate of Public Works (DPW)

DPW provides garrison/facility general engineering, primarily maintenance, minor construction and utilities support to all permanent party, transient units and tenant activities conducting operations and training for Federal and State missions.

DPW provides overall responsibility for housing and billeting, 24/7 emergency services fire protection and prevention. DPW provides limited environmental engineering services in coordination with the Environmental Officer. DPW is responsible for reporting, investigating, and overseeing the cleanup of both fire and hazardous material incidents. DPW operates primarily with funding from the MSARNG facilities program (CFMO).

Directorate of Information Management (DOIM)

The DOIM at Camp Shelby provides information technology support in the areas of automation, networking and telecommunications to tenant activities and units training at Camp Shelby. The DOIM works with Command and DPW to plan and support necessary automation infrastructure upgrades as required.

Directorate of Resource Management (DRM)

DRM’s responsibility is to provide resource management and finance support operations to CSJFTC to support the mobilization mission. DRM also oversees the Camp Shelby Finance Office that provides military pay support to Mobilizing and Demobilizing Units and Garrison personnel at CSJFTC. We provide funding for home station expenses for units that mobilize to train at Camp Shelby and units demobilizing at Camp Shelby. We are governed by FORMDEPS, Camp Shelby mobilization plans, SOPs, DFAS regulations, policies and local policies.

The finance office was established to support the mobilization effort at CSJFTC. The Camp Shelby Finance Office has trained military pay technicians and contractors who provide pay support and advice to all service members as needed. Military pay support activities are governed by the Defense Military Pay Office ( DMPO) and DFAS military pay policies and regulations and local pay office SOPs. Some of the areas that we provide assistance with are the SRP/RSRP/SRC process, Eagle Cash Stored Value Card and Travel Vouchers. DRM is located in Bldg 1001, RM 246, CML 601-558-2691 and Camp Shelby Finance Office is located in Bldg 1441, CML 601-558-2553.

Public Affairs Office

The CSJFTC Public Affairs Office provides media support and training to all Camp Shelby directorates and tenant units through print and video media outlets. We take pride and honor in publishing the Soldier’s story as they mobilize through CSJFTC.

We provide media training to all mobilizing units as well as coordinate community relations events and cover Camp Shelby’s involvement with the community. CSJFTC PAO published Media Advisories, Press Releases and Hometown News Releases for various events and ceremonies that take place at Camp Shelby.

D.A. Photo Lab

The D.A. Photo Lab at CSJFTC is located at building 6519. To schedule an appointment, please visit the following website, or you may contact the studio directly for additional information.


The CSJFTC Religious Support Team assists all commanders and their staffs in matters relating to religion, morals, ethics, morale and their impact on command programs, personnel, policies and procedures. Our team takes pride to develop, coordinate, and monitor those aspects of the CSJFTC overall mission which impacts the religious and moral needs of CSJFTC personnel. We continue to provide religious support to authorized personnel and families through chapel services, reintegration training, suicide prevention training, and memorial services as needed.


The mission of the CSJFTC Safety Office is to provide technical advice to the CSJFTC command and tenant units as needed in all safety related matters while managing the operation of the Safety Office and its programs. This includes ensuring distribution of safety related Army Regulations, Department of Defense Instructions, Department of the Army Pamphlets and corresponding National Guard publications are adhered to and executed as required. The safety office is responsible for the inspections of all buildings and facilities in accordance with current regulations and standards. The Safety Office ensures the compliance of Risk Assessments while monitoring and collecting accident and incident information to detect trends within post activities. The Safety mission continues through teaching safety by conducting mobilization and emobilization briefings and conducting Safety information presentations know as “Safety Thursday”. These presentations are normally scheduled on the last Thursday of every month and resourced with local and national safety professionals. The Safety Office conducts a Motorcycle Basic Rider and Experienced Rider safety course, offered monthly to assist Soldiers in meeting the DOD motorcycle rider requirements.

Joint Visitors Bureau

Camp Shelby’s Joint Visitors Bureau (JVB) has full responsibility for the total spectrum of planning, reception, billeting, transportation and subsistence arrangements and coordination of Distinguished Visitors (DVs) ranging from local, state and federal officials to four star general officers of all US Joint Forces (including Allied Forces) and foreign dignitaries as well. The JVB serves as the Special Staff advisor and consultant on all protocol matters to the CSJFTC Commander and Senior Staff. We provide technical, administrative, guidance and assistance to Installation Directors, Special Staff, subordinate commands and tenant organizations to assist the commanders in fulfilling protocol/DV mission requirements. Also advises the commander and staff on military customs, courtesies, US Army organizations, missions, history, and policies.

Environmental Office

The mission of the Environmental Office is to accomplish the military mission while conserving, protecting, and preserving our natural and cultural resources. Proper environmental management and stewardship are not only necessary to comply with federal, state and local regulations, but by integrating environmental considerations into all activities, allocating resources and training, and minimizing waste generation, they serve as a first line defense for the future of the mission training.