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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Documentation, Training, Education

3. Documentation, Training and Education

Consistent Support Materials


  • To continually research and explore technologies, techniques and practices that support the development and adoption of Trusted Code technologies within the public and private-sector marketplace.
  • To seek best practices, lessons learned, communities of interest as well as needs, challenges and obstacles that face the development, adoption and successful management of Trusted Code within public sector systems.
  • To establish a baseline for documentation requirements for Trusted Code resources, methods and practices to support in the adoption, support and training of implementers, students and members of the technology workforce.
  • To educate government, industry and open source software communities on the goals, objectives, opportunities and benefits of Trusted open source software and other Trusted Code Initiative activities.

Participants: The Foundation will manage the collection and dissemination of information through the organization's network of members, program participants, as well as through publicly-accessible resource outlets and media.  Reports, documentation, pilot programs, lessons learned and other demonstration activities will be coordinated by the Foundation but will utilize all possible resources and engage all interested parties.

Information will be made freely available through the Foundation publicly-accessible web site ( or other URL as directed by the Foundation Board).

Managed by:  Administrative and editorial control will be managed by the Trusted Code Foundation to ensure consistency and quality of materials.  Editorial content, training programs, etc. will be sublet as necessary to achieve most efficient process.

Outcome/Deliverables: Consistent series of best practice reports, lessons learned, testimonials from Government users and commercial implementors as well as from academic and professional R&D entities.

Consistent documentation collected from each step of the Trusted Code development, assurance, code scanning and report process.  All (publicly-available) documentation will be maintained and made available as support materials through the Trusted Code repository.

Funding: Funding for R&D research will be provided through the Foundation's general operating fund collected from membership dues, special membership activities and from fees collected as part of value-added services provided by the Foundation.

Time Line: Activity 3 - Trusted Documentation & Training committee to establish baseline for documentation requirements for Trusted Code resource.  Training efforts rely on documentation of specific programs and follow in development and delivery.