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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Trusted Code Foundation

Program Activity Details

1. Trusted Code Foundation

Independent, Public/Private Consortium

Purpose: To serve as an independent, vendor-agnostic consortium of public and private-sector entities to advance quality, assurance and access to Trusted software within government and commercial technology systems.

Objectives: Provide a means for communication, interaction, strategic planning, community outreach for the Trusted Code Initiative.  Transparency in communication between Initiative members and other members of the public, government, industry and development communities of interest promotes trust in the program and its objectives.

Participants:  The consortium is primarily a venue for participating members of the Initiative to interact and communicate, but also provides a “belly button” for interested parties to interact with the effort.  Consortium also serves as venue for meetings, conferences, events and forum to conduct organizational business.

Managed by:  Consortium activities will be operated/administered by Trusted Code Foundation staff and managed by Foundation Board and committee members selected by Foundation governance rules from participating Initiative members.

Outcome/Deliverables:  Establishment of a formal, independent, non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation to serve as the administrative body for the Initiative.  An administrative structure and forum from which the organization can conduct business and interact with members and non-member entities. Regular business meetings and other activities as required to conduct business of the organization.

Funding: Primary funding of the administrative body will be derived from membership fees required for formal participation in the effort.  Fee structure to be set by the Foundation's Board of Directors and managed within budget and in accordance to 501 (c) regulations. Secondary funding from fees garnered from Foundation services and activities and administered by the Board.

Time Line: Activity 1 - Trusted Code Foundation (TCF): formalize corporate structure, submit IRS 501(c)(3) documentation; confirm participating partners, determine initial funding requirements; elect Board of Directors (BOD) and other administrative boards; BOD to govern administrative aspects of TCF.  BOD to refine 1 – 3 – 5 yrs strategic plan and deliverable objectives.