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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Resource and Standards Council

2. Resource and Standards Council

Governance & Oversight

Objectives: Establish a network of actively engaged stakeholder representatives from government, industry, research and open source software communities who lead the efforts of the Trusted Code Foundation.

Participants: Council members must represent each sector of the government technology marketplace, with the primary leadership role being directed by representatives of the government.  

Government is the ultimate consumer of Trusted Code deliverables and must assume leadership role to identify short and long-term strategic goals and objectives, manage issues of policy and regulation, and ensure the Foundation's activities and agenda remain vendor and technology agnostic.

Managed by:  Council activities will be self-administered with support from Foundation staff as required.

Outcomes/Deliverables:  The primary responsibility of the Trusted Code Resource Council is to serve as the administrators and maintainers of the “Trusted Code” standard.  The value of the Trusted Code definition will be determined by the entities who choose to participate and their actions.  This body will determine the success or failure of the Trusted Code Initiative.

Funding: Council members will serve on a volunteer basis.  Administrative activities for staff shall be provided through the Foundation's general fund.  The Foundation's Board of Directors shall establish the structure and obligations of the Council as required to successfully conduct its activities.

Time Line: Activity 2 - Trusted Standards Council (TSC): establish Trusted Code Standards Council from active participating TCF members.  TSC to set definition of “Trusted Code” and identify initial target program activities. Manages task-specific committee activities.