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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Support Services and Documentation Management

4. Support Services and Program Management

Access to Support and Implementation Resources

Purpose: Provide technical and administrative support services for Trusted Code resources to government agencies in coordination with commercial suppliers and open source community subject matter experts.

Objectives: Provide access to technical support to government agencies for Trusted Code software resources to adhere to existing procurement regulations.

Participants: Technical and administrative support to be provide through Trusted Code Foundation in coordination with commercial vendors and open source development community  subject matter experts.  Support services are NOT to represent exclusive access, but to encourage participation by vendors and suppliers and encourage competition within the government vendor marketplace. 

Managed by: Various levels of technical and administrative support to be provided directly through Trusted Code Foundation. Additional support to be provided through independent commercial entities.

Outcome/Deliverables: To ensure that technical support services are available for every Trusted Code software resource.

Funding: Funding for support activities will be generated through fees charged for activities conducted.

Time Line: Activity 4 - Direct or indirect support services for all Trusted Code resources will be a requirement for any software resource to be designated as “Trusted Code.”