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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Access to Trusted Code

Access to Trusted Code

In order to make Trusted Code resources as broadly available to public and private sector adopters, the Trusted Code Initiative will offer two options for adoption.  One option consists of a free/no cost analysis report which provides a cumulative score from all scanning engines utilized by the Trusted Code process.  The second option is a fee-based, value-added report that provides the adopter in-depth analysis and detail from each of the scanning engines and provides a series of customizable reports to be configured by the adopter.

Both options include the free (no cost) access to the code with respect to existing software licenses attached to the code before it enters the Trusted Code process. 

The Trusted Code Initiative has no preference for the software license that is attached to the code and will respect open source, proprietary and dual license configurations.  It is not the the responsibility or objective of the Trusted Code Initiative to dictate how the copyright holder licenses their code.

The fee-based report option allows the Trusted Code Initiative to fairly compensate those commercial entities whose business model is based on the scanning, analysis and reporting on software.  The Trusted Code Initiative does not intend to compete with any commercial entity, but to provide additional opportunities for them to provide their unique services to interested potential government and commercial customers.

This method is also essential in enabling the Trusted Code Initiative to become a functional, self-sustaining entity and not depend on government funding for operation.