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Trusted Code Initiative (update 2017) - Trusted Code Benefits

Benefits of Trusted Code

Benefits from the Trusted Code Initiative will directly accrue for all stakeholders involved in  the Government's technology marketplace. The Initiative seeks to identify and replicate the value proposition of open source software components and methodologies that have been widely demonstrated in the commercial sector, but barely realized within Federal, state and local government enterprise systems.

Benefits of the Trusted Code Initiative include:

Public Sector / Government

◦ Increased efficiency through access to mature, tested, validated and less expensive technology resources;

◦ Decrease cost through lower lifecycle management expense associated with open source software;

◦ Enhance quality of technology products and services by increasing competition among vendors and suppliers.

Private Sector / Industry

◦ Increased access to business opportunities in government technology marketplace;

◦ Increase competitive offerings by by utilizing inexpensive technology resources identified and tested within government-sanctioned environments;

◦ Insight opportunities for product and implementation strategies through access to collaborative public/private-sector development networks.


◦ Access to quality IT resources;

◦ Unique research opportunities.


◦ Maturing of code bases, adoption and business models for open source software resources;

◦ Opportunity to increase level of adoption of open source software within public-sector environments.