Craps bets, the way it can be done smarter and odds of the bets

Craps bets overall information

Craps may look complex because there are lots of different options to make bets. Despite this fact, players do not require knowing all of them and usually use only two major types of bets such as “Pass the line” and “Don’t pass the line”.

Bets craps also have different odds, so when placing the wager, it is crucial to know what odds each bet may have and what are the chances of it to appear. Players roll the dice clockwise and a person who rolls the dice is called a shooter. Players may cooperate and bet either on shooter’s side (win-together) or move to the darker side and bet against the shooter.

How to make bets providently?

There are 22 different bets that can be placed. Most of the times, in craps bets, people simply stick to basic craps rules and go for “Pass the line” and “Don’t pass the line” options. If combined numbers roll out to be equal to 2, 3 and 12, it means “craping out” and the actual round will be finished. Pass the line bets will be lost and don’t pass the line are going to win. The same applies to 7 and 11, which means that the round is going to be over. Then the following applies:

  1. In case if any of the following values such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolls out, the round will be moved to the next stage and the point equal to appeared number is established.
  2. The dice is continued to be rolled until ether 7 or the established point value appears.
  3. When 7 or any point number appears, the round is over.
  4. These are the basic rules that are needed to be known.

There are more options that can be used to make craps to play bets and such options are simply all about risk and rewards as well as taking chances in general. Here are all the craps bets that can be made to lay betting strategy:

  • Pass Line;
  • Don’t Pass;
  • Come;
  • Don’t Come;
  • Pass Line Odds;
  • Don’t Pass Odds;
  • Come Odds;
  • Don’t Come Odds;
  • Place Win;
  • Place Lose;
  • Buy;
  • Lay;
  • Big 6;
  • Big 8;
  • Hardways;
  • Field;
  • Any 7;
  • Any 11;
  • Any Craps;
  • Ace Deuce;
  • Aces;
  • Boxcar.

Again, this is not necessary to make and use all the bets because in craps players take chances and use probability theory to make rough estimates whether there is a chance of any particular bet to be successful.

Craps odds progression

It is really worth having a look at odds percentage and its progression depended on the bets that people make. It can be defined as follows:

  • 41% house edge to pass line bet and come play odds too;
  • Single odds reduces it 0.8%;
  • 2x ensures further reduction to 0.6%;
  • 3x and 4x provide house edge advantage of 0.4%;
  • 5x can refer to 0.3% advantage;
  • 10 gives the house edge the odds advantage of 0.2%.

Don’t pass the line bets have different advantage to the house:

  • Don’t pass the line has 1.38% advantage to the house;
  • Single odds with don’t pass the line will be reduced to 0.7%;
  • 2x are equal to 0.5%;
  • 3x, and 4x are equal to 0.3%;
  • 2% with 5x;
  • 1% with 10x.

Craps bets and craps odds always come close together but it is all purely about probability, so each game and each round may come out to be different and be up against the rules. So, players should bear in mind that this is all about risk and rewards as well as taking chances.